Upcomming FA/KE Gigs

Open Air - Alte Piesel

Alte Piesel - Papa needs dirty Deeds

Deutschland 10.07.2021

Alte Piesel
Diorolfstr. 47
D-36039 Künzell
Alte Piesel Homepage

Running Order:
Ca. 21.00 t.b.a.
Ca. 22.00 FA/KE

Open Air


Alte Piesel - Fulda / Dirlos

Deutschland 02.10.2021

Alte Piesel
Diorolfstr. 47
D-36039 Künzell
Alte Piesel Homepage

Running Order:
Ca. 21.00 Risky Rabbits
Ca. 22.00 FA/KE

DIE Rockparty vor dem Tag der Deutschen Einheit !

ACHTUNG ! Wird verschoben !!! Hohhuette Mues 2022

Hohhuette Mues - 50 Jahre Natur - und Heimatfreunde Mues e.V.

Deutschland 10.05.2022

Melmer Weg 18
36137 Mues

Running Order:

ACHTUNG ! Wird verschoben !!! 100 Jahr Feier 2022

RSV Margretenhaun 1920 e.V.

Deutschland 14.06.2022

36100 Margretenhaun

Running Order:





We salute you !

A 20 year band history has shaped one authentic AC/DC cover show. As the first riffs resound from the Marshalls, this band is energized.
Collective ecstasy and a passion for the Australian rock giants AC/DC expresses the Fulda born band FA/KE from the first second.

From fans for fans, and up and down the 40 years of AC/DC history, power and playfulness that draw every fan immediately under the
spell, this is the task of the 5 full blooded musicians.

Loud, dirty, earthy and right in the face till the 13th stroke of the bell, always with heart, soul and a twinkle in the eye; to give everyone
in the ballroom what he needs and seeks; 110% AC/DC, absolutely professional, unmistakable sound in the recognizable outfit and a rousing
stage show with the inevitable strip. We play to play for you.

So if you got the thirst, we`ve got the booze...


Martin "Bon" Schaffrath
Lead Guitar
Lead Guitar:
Frank "Frangus" Kremer
Rhythm Guitar
Rhythm Guitar:
Peter Fahl
Andreas "Andi" Berger
Stephan Haus
Photos byFA/KE Pressphoto Band by

Technical data and some history :

FA/KE was founded in 1990. Their first concert was "Headbangers Ball" in Fulda where they played with "Raving Madness" and "Mallet", it was
actually ment as the only concert ... :-)

Founding members 1990 :

Martin "Bon" Schaffrath - Vocals
Chris Will - Lead Guitar
Frank "Frangus" Kremer - Rhythm Guitar
Volker "Rossi" Rössler - Drums
Peter Fahl - Bass

Former members :

Marcel Larbig - Bass 1991 - 1999 (now BBC Rock)
Joe Sternheimer - Bass 1999 - 2003
Eleftherios "Lefti" Spyropoulos - Bass 2003 - 2013      Thanks for everything .. Lefti !

Volker "Rossi" Rössler - Drums 1991 - 2012

Chris Will - Lead Guitar 1990 - 1991 (now JA/CK)